Property: PS Pendel grandfather clock finds a hallway home

Ikea PS Pendel clock in hallway imageThe good news – finally got that fab Ikea PS Pendel clock I’ve been loving for a while! It’s been grandly positioned in the hallway of the three bedder I rent out as the space sorely needed something cool to brighten it up.

The bad news – bloody tenants aren’t making up their minds this week! The agents have told me they’ve people on their books who have looked at 20 places and still not made their minds up. It’s very disconcerting, especially when I’ve been so cocky in the past about how quickly mine rent out! Ah well, think positive thoughts, I need to consider it a blip. For me, this time of year is always the time when lots of people move on, move out, move up, get together, split up, and tenant give notice. It’s not as bad as last year though, not as many people changing their lives, maybe they’re waiting for the election to be over 🙂

The lads who rented this flat left it in an awful state. It’s a very odd thing, this three bedder does seem to get absolutely hammered. I am coming round to thinking that once there are 3 or more tenants in a place, their ability and desire to clean goes completely out of the window, as if they revert to communal student living. Yes, we have the odd useless single in other flats, but on the whole most singles / couples keep places in good order. Boys are worse than girls I find. It’s like they don’t even try. I’ve decided it’s because soppy mums spend their whole time doing everything for their sons and when they go out into the big wide world they are unutterably crap at everything domesticated. I hate taking money from people’s deposits, really hate it, but when they wreck the flat and we’ve to spend days cleaning, what can you do?

They did attempt to wash the sofa covers however these were dry clean only and fell apart, so I’ve had to have a re-think in the living room and bring a sofa and chairs from another flat where these items had never been perfect. To be frank they never will be perfect, ’cause they’re a wee bit old fashioned for the Moregeous style but at the moment costs must be cut, so they’ll have to suffice. I was going to get the old Habitat sofa and chair recovered for this flat, but there’s no time, so I’ll do that for Project Squeeze when it’s nearly ready and pick a new funky fabric.

These are the three stages this poor flat has gone through in under a year:

Stage 1 - very dated, tired and lifeless

Stage 2 - floor and table painted, fireplace sorted, brightened up
Stage 3 - It's a red fest, I know, but it's clean, bright and colourful 🙂

Please, God of Rentals, let all five empty flats be let soon so I can sleep at night again, I’m rubbish without my 8hrs. Staying up til half 2 last night working in the office didn’t help, how the hell I’m going to manage a 3.30am Spencer Tunick start this weekend?

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