Property – Bathing Project Squeeze in gold – what credit crunch?!

The media madness of my election video has subsided and it’s back to reality, no more exciting TV interviews so I’ve had to make my own excitement at Barton Square picking lights and wallpaper for Project Squeeze. You’ve seen the before images of the current destruction, but I though I’d give you a little taster of how I see things developing. I’d only called into the Trafford Centre for a pendant for one of the rental flats which was looking a bit dingy, it was Mr Moregeous who spotted the sale on in Laura Ashley (no, he’s not wet, just very well trained). Two 25% off rolls of wallpaper, two half price wall lights, a reduced chandelier and some butterfly hooks later……

As soon as I saw this Lori wallpaper I knew it was perfect, pale golds and white will look adorable in Project Squeeze, I’m also thinking the same white wood floor as next door. “A striking and intricate trailing oriental flower design with shimmering pearlescent inks for a truly authentic eastern style.” Fancy!

Two Lavenham wall lights for the living room – “Elegant two arm wall light in a cream and gold finish with glass droplets” £35 each instead of £70 🙂

Plus two totally unnecessary Hayley butterfly mirrored hooks, which I couldn’t resist.

And then a quick visit to B&Q turned up the tiles I wanted at a bargain price, 20% off as these gloss ‘tree’ wall tiles in their Designer range had been badly packaged and were all loose. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so I asked and got a discount! I’m only going to tile around the shower area, not round the basin and loo as the space in quite tight and it’s easier to repaint rather than clean grout lines at a later date when tenants move out, so only needed 6msq. My philosophy on rentals is different to many landlords, I think more than gorgeous flats rent faster, so a little extra spent up front reaps rewards later.

To try and give you a taster for the bedroom, I’ve had a play on Photoshop with an image I’ve just taken this weekend, so you can see how the room will (sort of) look in a few weeks:

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