Video – Urghh, my punch skin finger biopsy via Moregeous iPhone

Ok, so I’m a bit accident prone (not the best of characteristics for someone who spends their days on building sites surrounded by items which can hurt you). And I get weird and wonderful medical conditions and reactions with names we often can’t pronounce. I say it makes for a more interesting and challenging life, but I’d have to really, otherwise I might just be tempted to stay in bed all day. The latest is yet another Hope Hospital visit (really should have my own car parking space) as these ‘granuloma annulare’ things are back with a vengeance on my hands. Personally I reckon they’re stress induced, but who knows. I know they are a complete pain in the arse. So another biopsy and this time I filmed it – last time I only took pictures 😉 The lady registrar wasn’t hugely happy about it, but the others were ok and we won her round in the end, though she resolutely refused to smile at the camera. I have no idea why she asked me what I did for a living, was all a bit surreal. Maybe she was trying to distract me, so I’d stop filming her 🙂

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