The simplicity of a smell, WordPress, I need a smlog

Betcha can’t guess what this is:

They certainly had Steppy 1 baffled this afternoon, these weird glutenous baubles on the wall outside the flats, he looked at them curiously “Si, what’s this on the wall, what d’you think this is?” His cry of disgust when I popped my finger into one of the blobs and stuck it up to my nose made me laugh so much because I already knew exactly what they were, these most deliciously scented droplets, which smelt of lemon and freshness and forests. Yesterday we’d pruned the over-grown fir tree which dominated one of the rental gardens and branches cut close to the trunk were oozing sap, which then dripped down onto the wall. I can’t tell you how lovely it smells, it’s the aroma you want to get from one of those dreadful pine air-freshners but never do. Unfortunately I can’t put the scent in blog, though I bet we’ll be able to one day, eh WordPress – will that be a smlog?

For the next 15 minutes I got lots of weird look from passers by and 3 van toots as I stood on the wall, inhaled the tree and took some close ups 🙂

Apart from that today, I’ve picked tiles in B&Q in Stockport on grab-a-granny day (Wednesday arghhh), had a dress fitting for a wedding in Ashton, spec’d and picked up taps in Oldham, started a bathroom in Didsbury, got bricks and sand in Fallowfield, changed a plaster-boarded wall in Withington and done the school run to Walkden. That’ll be most of Manchester covered then. And the rest of the UK with Twitter. All on one Red Bull and a pancake 🙂

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