Lulu Guinness brings handbag glamour to Manchester at Poshu

The temperature was hot hot hot day today as Stylisa and I headed into Manchester for a Poshu afternoon hosted by Lulu Guinness, the acclaimed British handbag and accessories designer. Lisa was very excited as this is her world of fashion and style, I was simply along for the ride and the cupcakes 😉 Nice to get a Friday afternoon off too, though after this morning’s financial property panic meltdown, leading to hugeous maximus Moregeous tears, I needed it! All was well after a few mini-chocolate bites of heaven and tonight I will go to bed dreaming of a gold, sparkly, lip-shaped clutch. Unusual for someone said to buy bricks, not handbags 🙂 Mr Moregeous, take heed! Lulu was very gracious and very sweet, having to sign bags and purses for a shop full of over-excited fans with a smile for everyone. It was interesting that she noted there was only Lisa who style-blogged, clearly fashion events in London and elsewhere are full of guest-listed bloggers, but not so much here. A lovely afternoon, thanks Poshu x

Stylisa, Lulu Guinness and I
I. Want. This. Bag.
Poshu provides some delicious mini-cakes (you have to eat 5 to be satisfied hehe)
Queuing for Lulu, signing bags-a-plenty
How 1940's fabulous was this guest?
Lulu almost lost in the very glamorous crowd
I'm slowly coming round to the whole handbag thing......

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