Life – Confession of busy-ness

Dear WordPress,

I am here to confess my sin. I have not written a blog post since 21 May and I am penitent. I have been unbelievably busy, stressed and a bit poorly in equal measures. I promise that lots of exciting interior type things have been done, that I have maintained good photographic records and that I will post some great stuff this weekend. Project Brighton is all done, just taking the client there today, Project Squeeze is coming on a treat and the boys are sweating in the 24 degrees Manchester heat to finish off the kitchen today, Mr Moregeous and I have cleared up a garden, chopped down a tree, cleaned two flats ready for viewings, painted a apartment building entrance, stripped a dated rental flat back to re-decorate and installed a bathroom for a client / friend which I haven’t even MENTIONED before now. I’ve had a couple of meltdowns from backache / headaches / court induced stress and I think my solicitor now knows her client is teetering on the edge of Whiplash Court Canyon. But you are, to quote the love of my life *apart from Mr M*, Always On My Mind.

Begging your forgiveness,



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