Design – A quick interior tickle of a small one bed rental

One of the smaller Moregeous one bedders came up for rent the other week, it’s that spring / early summer time of year when people decide to move home / job / partner 🙂 Great for them, pain in the arse for us landlords!

I did it up in 2005, my post-Beeny stage, when I’d been convinced of the power of beige and low spending so it was boring beyond belief. As a result by now, no-one wanted to rent it, but as times are tough, I didn’t want to spend more than absolutely necessary to make it look brighter, better and get it rented fast.

Never under-estimate to power of a coloured rug and a sparkly light, it rented within hours of us making the changes below:

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    1. I just love….Ikea! Although I have to admit, I’m trying to re-use items rather than buy new and up-cycle by painting things I already have. Both for financial reasons and environmental ones! Going to blog an upcycled table later today 🙂

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