Moregeous at Didsbury’s new monthly Saturday Food Market

The Didsbury Food Market flyer

I was trapped inside doing paperwork all day yesterday but my afternoon was brightened by a cupcake office-offering from Mr Moregeous who’d been shopping and wandered through the new Didsbury food market. I felt a bit left out, not having seen it for myself, so we headed down there again this afternoon. Really, I just fancied more cake. A doddle to find, just by the library in the village, the market will be a regular occurence every second Saturday of the month and though it has a way to go before it rivals the city centre markets, I really hope that local residents support it and make it a success, with more and more stalls each month. Me? Well, I’ll be making burgers with the famous Lake District Savin Hill mince I bought, breakfast tomorrow will be a couple of smoked mackerel fillets and Charlie and I will be devouring a large chunk of Silver Apple’s Gold Rush Cake for pudding later, delicious!

Here are some images from the market, make sure you pop down next time it’s on, and that’s an order!

Lovely meat stall, where I bought my Savin Hill mince! No idea what Mr M's looking at....
Aforementioned healthy eating Gold Rush Cake 🙂

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