Property – Making whoopie (pies) with my tenants, jeez, what we landlords do!

Many moons ago, in far less glamorous times, I ran a damp proofing company. In far less glamorous times? Who am I trying to kid, I cleaned ANOTHER grubby flat this week! Where was I, oh yes, and when I ran it I used to try and make the whole subject more interesting (i.e. bribe estate agents to use our services) with lots of competitions and giveaways. It was fun, a monthly prize draw which of course I never fixed so the rude agents didn’t win 😉

I was thinking about this and customer service in general in relation to dealing with my tenants, and have decided to get a bit more personal. Granted it’s hard to imagine how much more personal I can get than cleaning their loo when they move out, but hey ho. Even though I know we go way beyond the extra mile in terms of decor and interior finish, sometimes I forget that this is really my full time job and I sometimes concentrate my efforts more on my interior design clients than on my tenants. Today’s rental market is tough for everyone and it’s all about knowing your USP and building a great reputation. Even if the one you’ve got is good, it could always be better.

And this is a start:

Whoopie Pies!!

And the occasional cupcake!

Every time a new tenant moves in, there will be a little gift box of sugary delights to welcome them to their new home and to the wonderful West Didsbury area, all made lovingly and locally by Laura at

Handed some over (reluctantly haha) for the first time this afternoon on a sign-in and must say they went down a treat 🙂

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