Moregeous at Tatton Garden Festival 2010 – Show Gardens

2010 – The Year of the Allium 

Unlike most years, when we’re battling pensioners for dahlias at the 4 o’clock Sunday sell-off, today was only a flying visit to annual Tatton Park Garden Festival as Mr Moregeous was off to his last ever shift of nights *whoop whoop*

We’ve been going for years and the show seemed bigger than ever this year. There were definitely fewer show gardens and they weren’t as spectacular or innovative than past years, but gardening must be on the up because the crowds were much larger and there were tonnes of stalls and new features. Even with limited time, we still managed to come away with some treats: new herbs (which I went straight over to plant at our communal rental gardens so my tenants can pick their own fresh tarragon, rocket, thyme and oregano), a stonking great white agapanthus and some other delights for my garden at home.

The two images below were of the BBC North West Tonight garden called Journey of Discovery, which contained more bees than you could shake a honey stick at. Looks quite surreal on the first pic doesn’t it. Lots of purple this year at Tatton, definitely the colour of the year!

There weren’t so many gardens with riotous colour for 2010, most were very subdued or stuck to a single palette, but this one and the second one of a stand in the Floral Marquee stood out:

These ‘Air’ plants below which you spray with water as opposed to planting in soil are just spectacular, perfect for the minimalist pad. The way driftwood and twisted timber pieces were used to display them was spot on.

Not quite sure of the one below. A whale’s rib cage? I came over all Elf ‘n’ Safety, thinking one of those spikes could take your eye out. The kids all loved it though 🙂

I’m saying nothing about this Alien garden. Apart from maybe tET Go Home. Seemed a bit of a waste of good lettuce….

These two images below were from the same garden, which I found stunning. I ADORED the run of lavender bewteen the wall and pebbles, with the water feature breaking the run.

Another one I was’t sure of was this super contemporary square glass box dropped onto a slightly characterless limestone pond area. A garden, a seating area, an art installation? What was with the balls?  This one wasn’t for me but that’s the thing abut garden design, there’s something for everyone, and someone will adore this!

Yes, yes, I KNOW this isn’t practical and of course no-one would really plant funky little numbers like this on chair seats, but they’re cool, right?

*makes mental note for future garden idea

This one below was a wee bit boring, but I’ve thrown it in to remind you that if you haven’t got a fire-pit yet, get one immediately.

This brick built garden below was interesting for me, though my poor picture doesn’t really do it justice. I wasn’t massively keen on the actual bricks, maybe the mini walls would have had a bit more personality with reclaimed versions not quite so ‘neat’ and could have been slightly lower, but it certainly drew the eye in with ever changing perspectives. All the walls were set at different positions rather than in a line. I liked it. But then, I like bricks 🙂

Another unusual use of materials which worked for me was this use of very minimalist black granite(?) contrasting fabulously with rugged stone walls. I didn’t like the mix of the slate chips and resin linear gravel on the floor though or the yellow wall backdrop with purple planting.

Very bachelor pad this next one “Dressed in Black’. It doesn’t come across as dark as it seemed in the photo and was wonderfully atmospheric in ‘real life’ . The furniture was a bit dull, but the planting was masculine and sexy, really unusual.

This next show garden was full of people looking at the quite ethereal planting and it’s a good job, ’cause if they’d have noticed someone’s washing had blown across and gotten caught on the curious wooden structure in the middle of the space, they’d have been quite distracted. Bit weird this one.

Finally my personal favourite garden at the show, presented by The Christie. Serene, glamorous, peaceful, calming, delicate. Just beautiful. How amazing if they could recreate this at the hospital itself. The lavender smelled scrumptious, it inspired me to buy 5 pots full which were immediately planted at the Burton flats ready to waft my tenants with the scent of France as they stagger back from the Met late at night.

I hope you were inspired – did you agree with my likes and dislikes? In truth there are only ever elements of the design layouts and fripperies thrown in by meddling humans which don’t float your personal boat, because you can’t help but love all the gorgeous plants and flowers no matter how they are laid out 🙂

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