Moregeous at Tatton Garden Festival 2010 – Kids and Veg!

It wasn’t just the all growed-ups who had fun at Tatton this year, there was lots of new stuff to get kids interested in gardening and, it seemed, much more about food and ‘doing’, which seemed to me a great step in a different direction for the show. We’ve taken Steppy 1 (11) before now and we had a fab day, but it’s no good just dragging ’em round, you have to get them involved and interested. At past shows it was entirely up to the parents to do that, but this year saw a dedicated kid’s space where they could really get their hands dirty, and more gardens and areas for kids to enjoy….

I know Tatton’s not a farm show, but there are so many more people looking at ‘growing their own’ at the moment, I reckon a large dedicated tent or area for this subject would go down a treat! In West Didsbury Thyme Out have got their own chickens, as have a few other lucky residents with large gardens so it was surprising that not more companies had latched onto this growing trend (‘scuse the pun). I only saw these two little lovelies in a rather funky run from Chicubes…..

There were some cracking herb stands, with varieties and quality you just don’t get at your local B&Q. I bought thyme, rocket, tarragon and sage from the one below and planted them at the flats so, if my tenants are feeling the culinary urge, they can soon pick their own….

Allotments are big news at the moment, I keep finding myself talking to people who’ve got them and then come away feeling a little bit jealous!

There’ve always been spectacular fruit and veg displays in the Floral Marquee, but as well as these this year there was also a great little tent full of delicious grow-ur-own competitors. It was only surprising, given the cost of eating at the show, that there was so much still left on the plates 😉

So, now you know how to cheat in gooseberry competitions….

For the life of me I couldn’t work out the judging criteria for the four entries below, each entry consisted of 4 vases of herbs and the gang nearest to us won. Was the parsley greener? Is there something about sage I don’t know? Stumped.

I’m guessing that you, like me, thought a cauli was just a cauli. Silly. Winner front left. In cauliflower world, small ones, clearly, are not more juicy.

My photo of the day? The Little Gem competition. One entry, and it came second, classic.

And as for the tomatoes, we died and went to red heaven. Not here the bland and slightly fluffy crap they churn out in Tesco unless you spend a fortune on ‘gourmet’ tomatoes and pay extra for the vine – what’s that all about?! These babies were to die for – orange ones, yellow ones, even black ones, all sweet, crunchy and moreish. The poor bloke was run off his feet, as you can see!

All in all another great day at Tatton 2010, can’t wait for next year when we’ll have FINALLY got round to doing up our house and will be in a serious plant buying frenzy 🙂

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