Project Squeeze – Upcycled table with gold paint & a touch of lace

Re-posted from 17th May on 18 August with a couple of added in ‘after’ shots as Project Squeeze is now finished:

Feeling a bit delicate today, having had a(nother) chunk of my finger lopped out (for the gore-mongers amongst you I’ve posted a video this time 😉 ), so it was a quick visit to site then back to Moregeous Mansions for some R&R. I though I’d post some images of a table unearthed when we first cleared Project Squeeze which I’ve up-cycled with some gold paint and John Lewis lace fabric. I did smile yesterday when in the aforementioned store at just about everything in the homeware and accessories department was labelled ‘vintage’ and it was all brand new?! So above was the poor forlorn mahogany table when I spotted it as ‘one to save’ before it hit the skip. Needless to say the wardrobe to the right didn’t make the cut.

As the scheme for the re-furbished apartment involves gold, cream, oak and black, with a vintage and feminine twist, I opted for gold paint to the woodwork, with a cream inlay, finding the perfect treated lace in John Lewis at just £8 per m, which even left me some to spare. Yes, it would have been lovely to use vintage lace, but not hugely practical for a rental, so this waxy finished material looked the part and did the job too, the tenant can spill all the wine she likes on it.

One metre of lace to go, please!

I lightly sanded the table to give the paint something to ‘key’ to, then wiped and dried it, before priming it with Dulux water based primer / undercoat. I used a small smooth roller with Craig & Rose 1829 Rich Gold paint which I had left over but as this is really designed for walls, I gave it two coats of varnish too in order to prevent any scratches. I’m looking forward to trying some more suited for the purpose Japlac gold paint I’ve acquired very soon but didn’t have it in time for this table, it’s supposed to be very hard wearing as well as decorative.

First coat of gold paint on, checking the lace looks ok...

And here is the finished table standing in front of the very same chimney breast as in the first picture. (I get a lovely warm feeling of satisfaction that we saved and re-used it rather than going down the Lack route (again!), as much as sometimes this is necessary!)

Finished up-cycled vintage table

Feeling very charitable as St Anne’s Hospice have been over to pick up a wardrobe, drawer and bedside table set which were gathering dust in the West Wing and they were delighted with the items. Rose Cottage has had the benefit of some vintage fruits from that particular furniture charity shop, it’s a cracker so if you’re in Manchester, check it out on Mauldeth Road in Ladybarn, Fallowfield. Speaking of charity I very nearly lost two pairs of my most loved shoes today. Feeling a bit anaesthetised still, I asked Mr M to pop them into the cobblers for re-heeling, but men, well, they just don’t listen do they? It’s a good job I glanced up mid-email from the car ’cause he was wandering across the road not into the cobblers, but into Age bloody Concern! With my favourite shoes! I’d have killed him, can you imagine what would have happened when I went to get them? *shudder on his behalf*

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