Project Green Tea Pt 1 – Green lights all the way

A couple of weeks ago, during a chat with the Didsbury Life office, Helen mentioned that one of the independent restaurants in West Didsbury was considering a bit of a facelift in time for the annual WestFest weekend. I am 100% positive the phrase ‘lick of paint’ was used. Let me tell you, if Helen ever uses this phrase with you, disregard it, assume what is actually meant is ‘full restaurant re-fit including dry rot treatment, gutters, plumbing, electrics, interior re-design, plastering and, oh yes, a lick of paint’ and then run for the hills 🙂

Honestly, 60 Minute Makeover has got NOTHING on the Moregeous team which sprang into action. Thankfully Marcin wasn’t too hectic with other work not to get a team on site for me and we could also pull a couple of the lads off Project Payne which has ground to a halt as a result. It was full steam ahead on a contract which initially comprised of 3 new door architraves, repainting and a touch of wallpaper, with my brief being to give Green Tea a glamorous yet contemporary feel to the interior, complementing and harmonising with the new branding and web-site being created by the team at Didsbury Life. At that stage none of us realised quite what we were letting ourselves in for, how the job was going to grow or the extent of the collaborative effort which was going to be required. It’s been a messy 10 days of hard work, pulling in favours from all my lovely tradesmen and pulling together an interior look which tells the Green Tea story. The images below are the interior as it was and I’ve seen FAR worse, but the clients wanted to raise their game and become more, more…. Moregeous! They wanted to lose the ‘obvious’ Chinese decorations, the pink colour which had no real relevance to their story, the dated wallpaper, the bonkers bar area and the very sorry looking loo, and they wanted to be glamorous but not girly, comfortable but not old fashioned, fresh looking but not too clinical. Did we manage it? Well, you’ll have to wait and see whether we complete the Green Tea Challenge in time for next weekend. We have EVERYTHING crossed. Literally, we do, there’s no loo there anymore 😉

View from front left to rear right
View from entrance to rear bar area

Bar area, with the biggest, loudest fridge on the planet
The rather drab WC

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