Project Rose: Filmed for ITV, a cupcake and floral delight

This week Rose Cottage was filmed for a new ITV property show called May The Best House Win, due for broadcast early 2011. It’s a little like Come Dine With Me, only with houses!  Whether we win or not, we are all just delighted to have taken part and for the cutest house in Manchester to achieve the fame she deserves. There was a huge flurry of activity in the Moregeous camp to get everything prepared, Mrs Rose was a wee bit nervous about being ‘a contributor’ as opposed to being at her normal end of the TV camera and with some fantastic help from local businesses Airy Fairy Cupcakes and the Didsbury Flower Lounge, the finishing touches were completed and the cameras started to roll. I will blog some shots of the cottage interior VERY soon but here’s a taster of the details provided by Laura and Sian. Let me tell, you, that huge Victoria sponge was DEMOLISHED by the contributors and crew 🙂

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