How to ‘sink’ your mirrors into a plastered wall

The hallway entrance to Project Squeeze was one of those areas in rental apartments designed purely for necessity – fire regulations and not enough cash for a sprinkler system! So how to make it a bit more exciting on a budget? Too narrow for storage or furniture and wallpaper a no-no as, in a through area like this, it’d be damaged in no time. Whilst dashing through Ikea on a kitchen mission however, I spotted these Utsira mirrors decorated with etched flowers and butterflies. At £12.99 each an idea was born, I bought three and knowing this would only work if the boys were in a very good mood, practiced my best ‘ask nicely’ voice all the way back to site. I wanted the three mirrors recessed into the skim coat of plaster so they sat flush with the surface of the wall, instead of being fixed onto the wall. This would mean that not only would the three bounce lots of light from the bedroom Velux window into the hallway, but also they would be a conscious design decision as opposed to just mirrors stuck on a wall. Was it going to work? I had no idea, but if you don’t try something, you’ll never know!

Tape was stuck to the front edges up to about 40mm in for protection so they wouldn’t get scratched by the plastering trowels etc and the walls were plaster-boarded. I then measured and marked where I wanted the mirrors positioned and stuck the mirrors to the walls with mirror adhesive (Eg Everbuild Mirror Mate or other such from B&Q), let them dry completely then the skim coat was applied around them. And it worked! Granted it was a bit fiddly painting round them, but with a bit of Fine Surface filler and a steady hand (remember you can always wipe water based paint off mirrors then next day when the paint has dried on the walls), job done 🙂

We added a shelf over the top of the consumer unit cupboard (which I had them make from end panel to match the kitchen), some left-over mini halogens for the ceiling, a sparkling crystal handle from Laura Ashley…..and the hallway was transformed.

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