Moregeous on Property Ladder Revisited

Bloody loved those recessed oak boxes in the kitchen at Project Tenby

Well, I avoided putting a link to this on the blog for a while, mainly as I though it was a bit self-indulgent, but buggar it – here’s the link to a bit of blonde on blonde property action. We had slightly differing opinions, you might be able to tell 😉

Are they are studying our bottoms? Blimey, that garden looks different now I’ve replaced the grotty pathway with slate, the flags with beds and gravel, and added some railway sleepers….

3 thoughts on “Moregeous on Property Ladder Revisited

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    1. My, that’s a co-incidence, I just listed your book as my latest read on the FindATV Expert page. You should join the site, Thea, you’d be FAB as a lifestyle guru / marathon expert x

      1. Aw, thanks hon. That’s very generous of you. I’ll take a look at the site now. Nothing ventured, nothing gained… xo

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