Working from home = domestic goddess

One of the benefits of working from home all day is that you can do something a little more constructive with your breaks than what is the home-workers equivalent of hanging round the water cooler, surfing the Daily Mail TV&Showbiz page. Don’t pretend you don’t do it, you’re only lying to yourself 😉

Now, be careful. Constructive doesn’t mean spending 5 hours weeding the garden, cleaning the bathroom or nipping into town. Constructive means doing five minutes bingo wing busting press-ups, catching up on an email to an old friend or, for me, trying something new in the kitchen. I live to eat. Some people eat to live, some people aren’t that fussed what they eat, me, I just live for food. So after the last two hours office work and needing a back stretching break, I’ve just had fifteen minutes to conjure up what I’m hoping will be a very lovely lunch. All too often when I’m out on site all day, I leave eating ’til very late, barely touching a mouthful all day, surviving on Red Bull then devouring a mountainous plate of food after 8pm. This is not healthy, but sometimes inevitable. On days like today, in fact all this week, when I’m mostly in front of the computer / a pile of receipts, I need something to give my heart the strength to go on and food is that thing. Big lunch, small dinner: better for the digestion and the Moregeous motor can keep sorting boring receipts far longer 🙂

As a treat we went to Waitrose the other day. Three years ago, we resolved to stop doing ‘the big shop’ every week. It’s a habit which most people have got into and the result for us was wasted food, high bills and contributing to the supermarket mentality which has all but destroyed our high streets. Not sure about you but I find the Tesco’s relentless march frightening, I loathe the place. I find now we rarely throw food away, we use far less packaging and there’s no temptation to buy endless poor quality ready meals. Waitrose, however I like. Like their policies, philosophy, staff and far better quality than most supermarkets food – wouldn’t go there every week, but once in a while a visit pampers my middle class soul. They just have such lovely stuff, such tempting delights, it’s like every shelf is the gourmet shelf 🙂

So, back to lunch and a little experiment. A whole chicken where I’ve stuffed the skin to meat section with a chilli and parsley pasta sauce, surrounded by baking potatoes, olive oil from Crete, garlic cloves and lemon thyme. Smells good so far but looking a bit pale…… roll on 2pm…

Maybe soon I’ll move up a grade to baking, as I note from Twitter that many of you working from home are managing mean lemon sponges and ginger loaves!

Addendum: The Waitrose fresh pasta sauce, see above, went bit watery after the chicken had cooked and didn’t leave much oomph between the skin and meat. So it’s back to my usual bashing up lemon, garlic, chilli and parsley in a pestle & mortar #worthatry 🙂

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  1. It is one of the best perks of working from home, isn’t it. I must admit I’ve stopped baking while working from home as I would end up eating too much of it before the kids and the husband came home. *ahem*

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