Project Green Tea – Lush menu gets a great M.E.N review

Delighted to read the review of Green Tea in tonight’s Manchester Evening News, they gave the new menu a resounding thumbs up. Jenny & Xioana have worked so hard, they definitely deserve this very positive feature.

Green Tea’s new décor is suitably fresh and modern, with dark wood, crystal light fittings, shell-toned accessories and white paintwork broken by a deep red, textured wall-covering on one side.

Having spend a very intense few weeks in August on the refurbishment, the Moregeous team were a wee bit disappointed with the 3/5 for ‘Decor’, but I think the reviewer included the fact that other tables were close to hers and irritation at smokers heading in and out of the door past her table for a ciggy. Hard issues to overcome in what is an intimate local restaurant that simply can’t compete with the vast spaces occupied by many larger restaurants, but if you are keen to support local over chain, they are issues which a hearty meal and a great glass of wine will soon banish. I’m happy with the ‘fresh and modern’ quote above, which is exactly the look the Green Tea girls wanted and the Moregeous  and Didsbury Life team provided 🙂

Read the review here:

And see more about the restaurant here:


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