The (inevitable) pre-Xmas disaster, soothed by cocktails!

Oh, the joys of living in an unrenovated property! Slowly but surely my house is falling apart around us. Just running myself a bath last night before heading out on a fab cocktail tasting evening at The Alchemist and bang, the ceiling in the hall outside the bathroom collapsed. The week before Christmas. Thank god the film crew had left!

Luckily it didn’t stop the drinks extravaganza going ahead and just a few hours after the above… the below was taking place. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and am not going to pass comments and pre-empt @UrbanDeva‘s review. Suffice to say after seven rounds of delicious alcohol alchemy, I’m going to have to drink a vat of water to re-hydrate and look even half way decent for filming on Sunday in Essex ;-(

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