Design: Bronzing more than the turkey this Christmas

I’ve had a bit of a love affair with copper the last couple of years, finding molten bronze shades warmer and more appealing than straight silvers and gob-smacking, however as our house STILL remains unrenovated, this passion is largely conducted by way of salivating at trade shows and the odd small purchase. It was my chance to indulge this Christmas and go for more than just a Bronze turkey, my tree has been coppered, along with a few other items in the house. We do full on Christmas in the Moregeous household, deck the halls and all that, but usually it’s quite traditional with reds, greens and golds. One bumper pack of M&S metallic delights later and it’s a whole new look for us this year, and I’m loving it!

Red has been banned, even the candles and the lights are copper 😉

Just the Bronze turkey to get right now……

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