Project Rev – A pre-Xmas renovation update

Battles in the Swan Room

Things are motoring down at Project Rev, despite the bad weather and festive slow down. It’s been beaten up, battered about and now the healing process is taking place as we put everything back together. There’ve been some surprising finds, funny moments and even a spot of filming along the way, with the bonus that we’re still on course for a finish at the end of January. You’ve seen the ‘befores’ in a previous blog post so here are some ‘durings’ to give you an idea of what’s been going on down on site. I don’t just spend all my time eating cake, you know 🙂

One of the most quirky finds was this hand painted strip under the wallpaper in the swan bedroom. It was fairly bashed about but you could clearly see the soldiers, battles, coronations and feasts wrapping their way around what was obviously once a little boy’s room, quite charming, but some would say sadly to be neutralized by a skim coat and taupe paint.

Swan Room frieze

The radiators were removed leaving these very artistic swirls everywhere, remnants of the filth which eventually clogs up central heating systems and a reminder of why it’s a great idea to flush them out every so often! A visitor did honestly and seriously ask whether the marks would be hard to get out, like we were keeping the carpets??!

Modern carpet art

The blue bedroom was stripped of wallpaper and the lath and plaster studding on the wall between that room and the en-suite was found to be very tenuously holding onto the timber. The only solution was to pull it down, clean off the timbers and start again with new plaster board, allowing proper insulation to be put between the boards and therefore between the bathroom and the bedroom. It’s a very mucky job, removing lath and plaster, and I know as I’ve done it in the past, you have black snot for days, grim!

The lath and plaster drops away in the blue room

The cupboard was removed from the main bathroom – to make room to move the bath over and also squeeze in a shower cubicle – leaving a gaping hole, dodgy plaster and a curious blue patch on the wall!

Strippin off in the bathroom

The peach room was suddenly no longer the peach room and what a surprise, another blue patch, somebody had a spare tin or two….

The once was peach room

It looked relatively neat and tidy until we realised the endless ceiling cracks could never be skimmed over so down it had to come…

More filth, definitely not peach now!

The kitchen was pretty grim initially, shoe-horned into a small back room and not exactly a cooking space befitting such a wonderful family home. I’m not designing the kitchen, Ferrious have this lovely job,but Marcin and the boys will be re-plastering, rewiring, and re-plumbing ready for the super slick units specified. It’s slowly getting there – the plaster is off, the chimney breast revealed so Ferrious know what they’re working with as this will be the hob area and the floor is now to be re-tiled in contemporary ceramic tiles. Clearly we’re keeping that oven 😉

The make-shift kitchen within a kitchen

I could go on all night with this post as it’s such a big house, but that’s enough ‘durings’ for today I think, oh, hang on, did I forgot the damp patch on the top floor, which was stripped back to reveal rotten roof timbers and a completely water penetrated chimney stack, eek! #budgetwrecker

Just when we though the roof was sound.....

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