1.1.11: Cat litter & cottage pie – how (not?) to start a year

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in some funny places and there are a few where I can’t quite recall where I was, but this one, where the chimes of Big Ben and the fireworks of Fallowfield could be heard as I scraped out and cleaned a cat tray in my cold and drizzly garden has to go down as one not to repeat or recommend. That bloody monkey in the image above, my old lady Mia, a few months after being diagnosed with feline cancer, suddenly took what seemed to me (an emotional wreck) and Mr M (a trained trauma tech and therefore more trustworthy in such situations) a terrible turn for the worse. Ragged breathing, collapsed on the floor, glazed eyes, I held her in my arms and waited for the worse. By 11.50 she was eating Whiskers and eyeing us up to see if we’d made friends. I SWEAR she knew we’d fallen out, and at New Year, an awful time to row, so feigned illness to bring us back together before the clock struck 12, but even so, to make life easier for her we brought everything upstairs, including a clean tray…. Another episode of very laboured breathing has happened again this morning  and the vet’s changed her meds to increase the diuretic and prevent more fluid filling her lungs. This may back pedal for a while, but it will be only for a while, so I’m preparing myself to lose a part of my life I’ve loved for nearly 15 years. Bloody animals, they tear you up don’t they, being so dependant on you to look after them and make sure they are ok.

All in all, I’ve not been a very good Christmas time blogger this year, the run up was quite good, but it all went a bit pear shaped on the 23rd. First I opened a letter from my solicitor to do with the case about my back and there was a lot to take in and a lot to deal with, all very draining and feels like endless negativity when all you want to do is progress and move forward. Then barely half an hour later I found out someone I love has been diagnosed with cancer, albeit treatable and with a good prognosis. I can’t talk about it really, not like I can about Mia, but it’s something for us all to deal with as a family in 2011. It’s been caught early and all signs are great, but we were all in shock. After a thoroughly exhausting year and then all that, I did debate just going to bed for the festive period but life goes on doesn’t it? You can’t cancel Christmas…..though I did seriously consider it when the flu kicked in on the 24th. Buggar me sideways, that was all I needed! It’s no wonder by the time New Year’s Eve came around Me and Mr M were at each others’ throats, maybe watching all those True Blood episodes wasn’t such a great idea.

So the festivities have come and gone in a bit of a haze and not the usual gin and champagne soaked one. It’s 1.1.1111, if that isn’t an excuse for a new, fresh and positive start, I don’t know what is. January will be packed with challenges, that’s a definite, and what I will need are good friends and good meals to get me through. Plenty of helpings of both, please.

I do sincerely hope your Christmas was a good one, filled with love and light and wish all my Moregeous blog readers a successful, happy and laughter filled 2011. I hope you don’t mind me off-loading my thoughts like this, maybe I should just stick to writing about houses eh?

I need food now, comfort food to warm my heart up…. cottage pie with peas and roasted parnsips, made easier with help from some Foxhill Foods sauce, this should do the trick….

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