I think that’s college out the window. Again.

Me on the phone, circa 1998, when they were the size of bricks πŸ˜‰

Three years ago I thought it would be a good idea, as the injury to my back had put paid to any ripping out of fireplaces and skip filling, to get some interior design qualifications. It’s all very well having pulled apart tens of houses and put them back together again, but some clients like to see letters after your name before they trust you to redesign their kitchen! I enrolled on a course through the University Centre at Blackburn College, primarily as my aunt had run the textiles department for years and their course could be tailored to enhance the skills I already had and help me learn new ones. Mostly I wanted to upskill on presentation to clients, photoshop, technology and if there was time, CAD.

And it was a good idea, but life has a really bad habit of getting in the way doesn’t it?! Trying to manage my tenants, build the interiors side of the business, find alternative forms of income other than doing up houses (too physical whilst coping with chronic pain) and have a family / social life, as well as all the demands of an on-going court claim – arghhh!! If I’d have had that brick in the picture above in my hand at times over the last couple of years, I’d have hit myself on the head with it. As it was I just made several large indentations in my bedroom wall. With my head, not a brick, I’m not *that* crazy πŸ˜‰

So here I am again, facing a January of commitments which can’t be swerved and challenges which have to be met head on, so something has to give, and that something is college. My dissertation will just have to wait until next year. Again. I hope they understand and allow me to postpone, I have my fingers crossed.

Meantime, Mia is still battling to stay with us, the last 24hrs have been a rollercoaster of tears and purrs. As long as she was pootling from place to place life was ok, but she can no longer get around and it’s an effort for her even to go to her bowl to drink. This is no life for the Property Queen Cat of South Manchester, . I can barely bring myself to say the words but the vet will be coming here tomorrow morning, when my heart will break open and a piece will fly away forever.

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