Benito Brow Bar – like I need more pain?!

Despite the rollercoaster of the last month, life and work must still get crammed in (well, it must if you’re self-employed) so things booked in for this weekend have to be done! At the start of December, god, that seems like months ago, I did some filming for a new show for BBC3 where I’d to mentor a young man over a couple of days in my ‘property person’ capacity. All good fun, he came and stayed with us for a couple of days and now it’s time (tomorrow) for us three mentors to all descend on his house and check up on him! That means cameras, which means puffy eyes and Ugg boots just won’t cut the mustard. I  popped up to the Traffic Centre as I needed something from Apple and a new top, looking like crapola after about four hours sleep last night. I couldn’t have looked any worse really, so when I saw lots of women being attacked by string wielding maniacs in Selfridges on something called the Benito Brow Bar, I wandered over to take a look. I’ve heard of threading before but had never seen it in action, it looked painful. The phrase ‘Are they mad?’ was tweeted. Then one lady got up and I clocked her amazing new brows, clear to see despite the redness and weepy eyes.

Fancy a bit of that I thought, reading on the notice that brow threading can also give the effect of a mini face lift….

10 mins later, £15 pounds lighter and my backache replaced by browache, I looked in the mirror. 20 years of self-plucking and I’d been doing an unutterably rubbish job. What a fantastic shape! It was a bit painful, imagine plucking five hairs out at once, and doing that lots of time very fast and you’ve about got it, but was over in a flash. Not anywhere near as god-awful as a bikini wax.

Result – BBC3’ll be blown away by my elegantly raised eyebrow tomorrow even if my mentoring skills are bobbins 🙂

3 thoughts on “Benito Brow Bar – like I need more pain?!

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  1. I’m surprised you’ve never had your eyebrows professionally shaped before. Been seeing my eyebrow woman (Shahida) for years. Before she got her hands on me, I looked like Coco the Clown with my permanently surprised look. Half the price and half the time, too.


      1. Well now you’ve joined the Sisterhood of the Brow, my woman’s fab if you ever fancy trying her. Just let me know…

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