A mixed bag after a tiring week

Today guys, I’m being a bit rubbish on the blog front. It’s been a hell of a few weeks. Losing my girl Mia, dad’s prostrate cancer diagnosis and then reassurance of early stage and alleviation of worry, endless court case hours with the solicitor for my chronic pain case, parent’s evening, mortgage arranging…. all mixed up with the positives of great clients, lovely houses to work on and some exciting projects for the future. I’m completely exhausted! Family here tonight for a takeway, all waiting for me downstairs, but I’ve resolved to Postaday2011 so here I am in the office. So it’s short but sweet.

Thought I’d leave the working week with a couple of images of current client houses, Project Piaf’s kitchen, that green REALLY must go, we’re currently re-wiring the house and getting it ready for a lovely new John Lewis of Hungerford freestanding kitchen units:

An image of the fab Project Thyme Out Deli garden whose web-site is going live  this week with lots of images taken by the Moregeous team:

And finally the famous Thyme Out breakfast, which I think I deserve tomorrow morning before we set off to London to film the final part of our Moregeous mentoring for BBC3 to be shown sometime in April, we’ll keep you posted 🙂

Never mind a Chinese, I just need my bed!

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