Sunday selling at Stockport Vintage Village

How hysterical is this front page of Practical Householder March 1963? Ladies, balance the loft ladder up to your new and wonderful storage space on a small mahogany table, wear your sauciest red pencil skirt whilst you balance sexily to test it out and don’t forget to  ask a big strong man in a plaid shirt to help, essential.

I found this magazine last Sunday on a stall at the Vintage Village in Stockport’s market hall, having been roped in by Mrs Rose Cottage as her partner in second hand crime. Mr M lugged all the boxes in then we froze our tootsies off selling bits and bobs to souls brave enough to venture out on a January Sunday in Northern England. Bonkers, but good fun. I stupidly didn’t go and buy the magazines and the guy had packed up and gone before I remembered to go back, gutted, but I’ll find him again! Just look at these other two front pages, brilliant, just brilliant….

OMG their outfits and his position, like having a Rockabilly dude fitting your window!
Who polishes a bar front whilst the builders are still working?! Yes it's that red pencil skirt again!!

So what else did we get up to? Well, we found our labelled spot all ready for us and Mrs Rose Cottage started getting unpacked. If you are thinking of getting a stall there, it’s very well organised, with named tables and plenty of room.

The venue is really fitting, I thought, for a vintage fair….

With a marvellous ceiling….

There were some real characters, this lady was quite stupendous, sorry I have no front view of that hat!

And this gentleman was wood-turning entirely under his own bicycle steam 🙂

Mrs RC’s Pearls and Lace Films (specialising in vintage weddings) cards were snapped up from our stand….

I was tempted by this lovely tea-pot but had to remind myself I don’t drink tea…

There was no excuse not to buy this orchid cake stand, other than I have three cake stands already!

So, down to the nitty gritty, what did we sell? For a cold January day, a surprising amount actually. In December the fair has attracted over 3000 visitors and although the numbers last week were way fewer, the visitors were not just browsing but actually buying. We shared a £25 stand and sold over around £200 worth of bits n bobs, quite impressive I thought, as we aren’t traders but were just looking to offload personal items in a pre-Spring clean!

Moregeous opinion? Well worth a visit and a try with a stand if your wares are up to it 🙂



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  1. You’ve summed it up so wonderfully! And there are a few colourful characters there, I agree. The lady with the hat is Anne – she sells at the regular Stockport markets too, and is an absolute sweetheart. And Brian Taylor is the top-hatted chap operating his antique treadle fretsaw.

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