Thank you Lollicakes, for our Christmas prize!

Aaaaaaaaaaaall mine, said Rex!

I didn’t get around to downloading all my Christmas photos ’til now, so must say a belated and big thank you to lovely Didsbury based company Lollicakes for a) running a festive competition to win a family full of chocolate treats and b) for picking my sister to win them!

AS you can probably tell from the image above my nieces and nephew were just a touch excited to get their mitts on them, Rex’s body language just screams ‘These are mine, ALL MINE’ 🙂 He finally let go after much persuasion…

Whilst we had snowmen, santas and pretzel horned reindeer, their lollicakes aren’t just for Christmas, with Laura and Katy baking all year round to keep Manchester’s sweet toothed inhabitants happy. They’ve a great web-site at, with lots of delicious delights to tempt you off that New Year detox. Me, I fell off the sugar-ban wagon on the 2 Jan, actually, I didn’t fall at all, I jumped 😉


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