Moregeous luxury 2 bed rental apartment, with images

Had an email from the couple who currently rent this featured apartment to say that they’re buying a property so will be moving out in a month. Normally around this time of year we’ve already had a flurry of ‘movers’, tenants changing jobs, changing partners and changing property, but this year, so far, these are the only ones. Weird. I guess it has much to do with the fact that on the job front – people are staying put and consider themselves lucky if they have a steady one, on the relationship front – people are sticking together through these tough economical times or maybe can’t afford to split!, and on the location front – most can’t get mortgages without a huge deposit or help from the bank of mum and dad. Last year we had eleven lots of tenants moving, this year, one – that’s a rather noticeable difference, but one which is great for me as a landlord.

This apartment is fab, large living room / kitchen above and below, which actually has a large Chesterfield and armchair now after the sofa wing in the picture above dropped off!

See, I told you it was a LARGE Chesterfield, we had to take the window out!:

There are two double bedrooms, with walnut wardrobes, drawers and shelving:

The bathroom is compact but modern with lovely fittings, large basin and shower over the bath.

Gas central heating, Kahrs walnut flooring, washing machine in a separate storage room, plenty of parking and also a huge south facing terrace. This isn’t the best image of it, I must get a proper one which doesn’t include me and a Karcher cleaning a table, but it gives you an idea of the size. There’s enough room for a BBQ, table and chairs and even a sun lounger, yes, in Manchester 🙂

All for £800pcm, bargain! Er, just a note – that doesn’t include me karchering every week….

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  1. That really has the WOW! Factor. Very impressive, you must be very pleased.

    Couple of technical questions – why did you break the wood flooring at the kitchen with tiles? You could have made the room look bigger with 1 floor & avoided the cost & nuisance of the tripping edge.

    Do you think that the colour scheme will date? It’s been very much the fashion for a number of years now, and whilst it’s still contemporary, surely the next great thing is round the corner?

    1. Hi Nick, we finished this one in early 2008 and the finish has made it very rentable with no void periods, as yet!
      I think the colour scheme would date more if I’d included the vivid blue on the walls / tiles etc, but the basics are mainly limestone and walnut, which I think are classics. Funny you should mention it but I sold a load of the blue bits and pieces yesterday at a vintage fair 🙂
      I don’t like wood or laminate flooring in kitchens, it gets worn, stained and rises with any water spillage. Although it is a bit of a pain in the ass to create a tile / timber joint, I find tiling easier to clean and more hard wearing in kitchen areas. If it’s done well, there shouldn’t be much of a trip hazard, though some maintenance can be required to ensure it remains fixed in place.
      I wonder what that next great thing is…..

  2. That’s a good post, and the rental does look stylish without being too out there. It says something of the times when you / me / designers in general can claim success with a scheme that can withstand the pressure of fashion for wow, almost 3 years. Crazy world our ancestors would baulk at I’m sure.

    1. I’m am smiling at your comment, Andy. It’s so true, it’s ridiculous to think that three years is a long time in terms of an interior, but in our fast paced world, there’s some new trend to look at every week! I’m of the opinion that rental property need not be bland and boring, and some elements of personality are a Very Good Thing or your properties just blend into all the rest on the market. Wallpaper is easy to change, as are pendant lights and cushions, so for rentals, if the unchanged basics can be easily updated and revitalised by accessories, you’re onto a winner.
      Can you imagine stately home owners feeling the need to change their schemes every time a new style mag was published 🙂
      A good mix of classic and of the moment is what’s required – not always an easy balance to get.

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