Rose Cottage – A summary of our little Grade 2 jewel on ITV

Further to last week’s May The Best House Win success, I though it would be good to collate some images of this scrumptious property which Team Moregeous renovated for our client Hannah in 2009 / 10. With instructions to turn it from a damp 70’s grotspot into it a ‘shabby chic palace’, we commenced the redesign and then works. With regard to the listed aspect of the building, none of us really knew what we were letting ourselves in for. There aren’t that many Grade 2 listed building in South Manchester and the learning curve of dealing with the listed building team was a steep one i.e. what on earth do you mean, I can’t knock that wall down?!

It was a bit of a state when we started work, as you can see, so the transformation to the images above was dramatic:

Entering Rose Cottage for May The Best House Win was a spur of the moment decision, a real ‘why ever not’ thing. Hannah adores Rose Cottage (thank goodness!) and as she said on the show her home is her and she is her home. Few people can say that after years of being told by telly peeps that bland beige mediocrity in interior design is the way to go as very few homes have real personality. I don’t think she expected it would become a reality, but sure enough the cameras rolled last September, cupcakes and posies were sourced from fabulous local businesses, much polishing was done and Rose was inspected by the three other competitive homeowners and marked on the following categories:

The three other contributors were Queen Margo of Blackburn (middle), who lives in the bonkers Toad Hall, Jimmy of Stockport with his high-tech party-central detached in Stockport and Karen who has built her own cool contemporary des-res in Whalley Range. Here they are all listening intently to Hannah’s welcome speech (they knew each other by then, having been round Margo and Jimmy’s house already, eaten potato pie and got roaring drunk).

And below are their houses. I think had I not been involved with Rose Cottage, my ‘type’ of house would have been Karen’s new-build, but with maybe a few more quirky features. However Margo would be my dinner guest any day of the week 🙂

It’s 6.30pm on a Saturday night and if I don’t get ready soon, we’ll never make it to Love2Eat on time and I will be very much in the bad books. More another day!

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