Raindrops keep falling….

Ella Doran's Sunlight Through Leaves Umbrella

Although I resolved to take part in the WordPress PostADay2011 challenge, the last few days / weeks / months! have been something of a challenge and I’ve found myself too tired to blog this week. I smiled when this lovely (to me) umbrella came through on an email from Ella Doran just now though. On a positive note the weather has been fine in Manchester – no rain at all :-), client interiors work is coming in thick and fast and the Moregeous blog is doing really well in the Prime Location competition, thank you all who have voted. On the downside, the court case for my back pain has been very draining and stressful just recently, with the added irony that all this sitting down working on documents has added considerably to my pain levels, godammit! It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that all the legal people, the specialists and the insurance companies are negotiating, talking, deciding, observing and concluding when none of them really know me at all, none of them live here with us, and none of them know how that stupid careless driver changed my world.

So today it feels like it’s raining bricks and I feel a bit battered. I may have to buy myself that umbrella and just sit under it in the garden, whistling a happy tune and eating cake to cheer myself up. Whilst running the risk of Mr M finally having me certified.

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