#Hemlinegate on Property Twitter – a storm in a D cup?

Clubbing attire: Kirsty said Melanie looked like she'd come straight on from a night out
Given the absolutely hideous day I had yesterday, any form of light entertainment was welcome and the Twitter ‘storm’ of #hemlinegate was just what the doctor ordered. Even funnier that it was then blown magnificently out of all proportion by the Daily Fail 🙂
Director of Communications for a private finance company, melaniebien, commentator on all things property, pitched up on BBC breakfast to speak about mortgages wearing, it has to be said, a rather saucy outfit. As a woman who’s bought, sold, refurb’d and rented out property for over 15 years I think it’s fantastic that this female expert was on the news as ‘the expert’, but some blokes may have been more interested in the risk of a rising hemline than the risk a rising interest rate. Having had the whole sexism thing on building sites and in many meetings for the early part of my career, you soon learn to be yourself and let your experience, knowledge and expertise shine through, regardless of what you choose to wear. But if you chose to not toe the cover-all-trouser-suit line, like Melanie and I, be prepared to deflect your critics with charm and humour. Or just ignore them.
And critics there were, including TV property expert KirstieMAllsopp who made an off the cuff tweet to her followers “Finance woman on BBC Breakfast clearly came directly from a night out & it’s debatable whether that’s a skirt or not  #hardtotakeherseriously
Ouch!! Now it might be suggested that coming from a lady with ample assets she’s not afraid to show off, that may have been a little harsh, but then again Kirstie’s a TV property presenter rather than a ‘serious financial type’ so showing lovely boobies might not be so much of an issue. Easier and more acceptable to be cleavage glamorous on t’telly than in private finance, I would imagine.
Melanie was not amused :”No, as a mother of an 18-month-old, no nights out and I was wearing a dress, not a skirt” Was Kirstie right? Had Melanie been up all night with a her baby and not had time to get changed? Was it better that it was a dress, not a skirt, or did Kirstie mean it was more of a belt? Should Melanie have risen above it all, a bit like her skirt dress?
taraevans though it was mean “Very mean comments from @KirstieMAllsopp about @melaniebien this morning on BBC. When will women learn to support each other?” Heavens to betsy, Tara, it was only a throw away comment, it wasn’t destruction of the sisterhood. If a telly bloke commented on another telly blokes dodgy dress sense, the first would come right back with a similar retort and they’d all have a laugh in the bar afterwards, why do women take everything so seriously?! One commentator said ‘It wouldn’t happen with men.” They’re right, it wouldn’t, ’cause most men don’t take every sarky comment someone makes as a personal affront.
Imho, Kirstie Allsopp has every right to make a comment on the suitability or otherwise of someone’s dress sense, bloody hell, she gets enough stick for hers. Wear what you want and stuff everyone else is her motto, after all, no-one else has worn a puff-sleeved, red taffetta dress since 1986. That’s a joke, I don’t hate Kirstie Allsopp, I’m not saying she’s crap at her job…..you see what I did there?! Good.
If you chose to wear a short swishy number and high heels, it doesn’t mean what you are saying has any less credibility, but you have to be prepared for some comments and take ’em on the chin, as I’m sure Melanie has.
In fact the most personal comment that I saw came from a man jeffprestridgeMelanie Bien knocks property spots off kirstie allsopp. Bien is one of the best property commentators around.” No mincing your words there, eh Jeff?
Personally I liked HenryPryor‘s light hearted viewpoint on the whole subject: “If hemlines are still a guide to economic health then clearly we are in for a bonanza!”

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  1. If a man had done that slot wearing unorthodox attire, flip flops and Bermudas for example, I think the reaction would have been the same.
    Women should be more sensible with clothes and yes that includes cleavage!

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