Project Pizza – Her pink bathroom gets underway with a strip down

Lots of stripping going on today at Project Pizza after the tenant moved out at weekend, we don’t mess around here you know! It’s been planned for ages as the tenant was supposed to move out last October, good job as I am not 100% at the moment so just as well my plans were already in place. There’s nothing structural but lots of new stud work, opening of fireplaces and replastering using insulated plasterboard for extra warmth.

Befores taken this morning and the afters just a couple of hours later!

I spot a lovely big fireplace opening behind what was the tasteful electric fire (you can tell by the gap between the skirtings…..

I’m trying to keep all the coving after the previous owner maniac attached all sorts of wiring and stud work to it. Just look at the blinds, hideous!

Amazingly the ceiling still has it’s original centrepiece although the light leaves a lot to be desired….

Much to be done and I’m busy on client work, I think Mr M will find himself Deputy PM on this one….

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