Project Pizza – A huge bedroom and we found a fireplace!

Fuelled Bribed by chips and cupcakes, the Moregeous boys have been working hard on Pjt Pizza for the last 24 hrs, not through the night *obviously*, I’m not that hard a task mistress! The bedroom above with its badly designed en-suite has been, how shall I say, adjusted…..

….leaving just the pastel pink loo standing forlornly on it’s own surrounded by falling plaster. I’m going to completely alter the shape of th en-suite to make the whole room much more liveable and spacious, and the bare walls are to replastered using insulated plasterboard to make the apartment not only warmer but better sound-proofed as well. That bare wall you can see above has the communal hallway on it’s other side, no wonder you could hear everyone walking past through that boarded up door which had no insulation in it at all, terrible job.

The view below is from the near the door and you can clearly see an air vent on the left hand wall, ah ha, I spy a fireplace which will look lovely when opened up and will definitely add a bit of character to the bedroom:

Let’s get it opened up, luckily it’s only been bricked up with breeze block and not a great pile of bricks and cement:

And it’s still only lunchtime! I love fast workers 🙂


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