Make Valentine’s Day count this year……

heart vday

Have you ever been in love?

Of course you have, that rush of adrenalin, that fluttery feeling, that warm glow, a floating on air sensation, the butterflies, the anticipation, need I go on? What if you’d never felt that feeling and were too busy fighting a fight to even consider it?

I’ve known my beautiful friend Chelsea since she was six, a cheeky little monkey who appeared at the gate of my new house back in 1998 and we’ve been friends ever since. She’s now 18 and has been battling cancer for two years, a constant round of operations and chemo and she’s very very poorly right now.

I would like her to have a surprise on Monday, to make her smile. Can you imagine a pile of cards so big the door won’t open?

If you want to make someone’s Valentine this year, take a little time today or tomorrow and pop a card in the post for my friend. I guarantee it’ll be the best Valentine you ever sent.

Chelsea Robb

The Grove

Shaw Heath



Thank you, Moregeous blog friends, for taking the time to read this and hopefully acting on it x

PS Overwhelmed by the response to this post, truly my heart’s cockles are warmer than they’ve ever been before.

5 thoughts on “Make Valentine’s Day count this year……

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  1. Hiya Sian

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages now and love it.

    I would love to send a secret surprise Valentines card to your lovely friend Chelsea, what a lovely idea.

    BUT what I think you should do is buy her this amazing book, its written by the most gorgeous lady called Kris Carr (google her!) and is on the New York Times Bestseller list. She is a cancer survivor. This is her website

    Let me know what you think. I have honestly bought or recommended this book to anyone and everyone whose health I care about.

    Hope you find it helps Chelsea.

    Angela x

  2. Hi Sian, do you have a postcode? As promised I successfully made contact with a few people, who really would love to send chelsea a surprise to make her smile and make her day xX

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