You did it, you made Valentine’s Day count, thank you x

All your wonderful Valentines

Firstly I apologise for the tardiness of this blog post, I know many of you have been dying to know just what happened following our Valentine’s request last week. Chelsea wasn’t well over the weekend and didn’t get home from Christies until Tuesday afternoon, feeling tired and low. I didn’t see her that day but a little birdie told me that the postman had been….

I’d spoken to the amazing Nicola Smith of Kiss PR last week and wheels were set in motion. Although they must get absolutely innundated with requests, Man U’s Rio Ferdinand said he would organise for two cards to be signed,

Not such a tough guy after all......

one from members of the team and one from a certain Javier Hernandez, for whom Chels has a bit of a soft spot (she will kill me for saying so, although if it’s on Facebook, it’s common knowledge Hon!). We really didn’t know if anything would materialise….

The really rather cute Mr Hernandez

Twitter reacted in a way that melted my old hardened heart and it seemed people really wanted to join in and surprise a girl who really really deserved it, ignoring the commercial side of Valentine’s and simply sending some real love and care. You know who you are and you are wonderful.

I don’t really need to say any more other than to copy and paste the email I got from Chelsea’s mum.

Just want to say that I have sat & watched my little girl ( I know she’s 18 but she’ll always be my little girl) for one & a half hours today plough through an amazing 54 Valentines cards & am just amazed and so appreciative of the thoughts and good luck messages that went with them all along with all the love in the world.

The lads at MUFC and especially Hernandez, I thought for a split second I may have seen Chelsea blushing (rare occurence). Also the lads from JLS – to see the smile that has been on her face today (sorry she was only discharged from hospital yesterday) has been lovely. I have not witnessed that for the last few months.

Special thanks to Gower Cottage Brownies for the most delicious Brownies  EVER TASTED you have to try them!!!! Lastly to Olivia for the beautiful Get Well Card & gorgeous colouring posted to Chelsea. Many many thanks to each & every one who took the time to brighten up my daughters day.

Thank you all


Thank you to everyone who took the time and made the effort to send a special Valentine this year, you did a lovely thing xx

Special thanks to Man United, Nicola Smith, Rio Ferdinand, Cath at the Carrington training ground, JLS, Gower Cottage, Lollicakes, Didsbury Life, Hannah, Angela, Design Conscious and if I forgot you, I didn’t mean to x

A few years ago, but one of my fav's


4 thoughts on “You did it, you made Valentine’s Day count, thank you x

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  1. Yaaaay ! What lovely news, so glad it went so well, doesn’t it feel great to make a difference !
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity Sian and for putting yourself out there.
    Have a great weekend sweetcheeks

  2. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around, and make someones day it’s all about making a difference. what a truly wonderful friend you are to Chelsea bringing love & sunshine into her heart, Chelsea is a beautiful lady sending much love & light xX

  3. What a touching and selfless thing to organise which this beautiful girl will remember for a very long time.


    ps. I would appreciate some personal property advice if you can email me?

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