Project Pizza: opened up, studded and plastered

Not bad going, considering my car crash of a life at the moment to be getting the kitchen into Project Pizza just 7 working days after starting on the rip out. It’s been back to brick, with full reboarding and skim, electrics and plumbing, with stud work forming new areas so the boys have done me proud and worked like demons.

The area above was the old kitchen but it was studded into a small space, so down came the wall to form a living / kitchen area. I’ve had them build a partial wall which you can see in the foreground, behind which the sink goes. I know may developers / landlords would have just put the kitchen on the one wall at the back but, well, that would have been a bit crap, so I didn’t / don’t make decisions like that. Costs extra but you get it back in decent rents and no voids.

Due to a roof collapse at the Ikea end panel factory (!) there were no off-white Perfekt panel available last week so I opted for a Stat door / oak perfekt panel / oak work surface combo. Never done it before, all a bit of an experiment, watch this space.

So a week ago it looked like this….

And now it looks like this! Granted it’s messy and full of work detritus, but the room is hugeous maximus, with all the beautiful coving exposed and storage space on top of the narrowed down entrance hall. Plus the ceiling rose no longer looks like it’s attached to a stud wall, bonus.

The bedroom has undergone a bit of a revamp as well, this was how it looked last week:

The old bathroom and stud walls were removed and the bedroom ceiling dropped by 150mm and insulated to provide sound protection from the upstairs flat. Then a new en-suite was built in a shape which still allows a 900 x 800 shower, loo and 600 basin but feels far less intrusive in the room.

How come they didn’t build Rome in a day, with all those slaves? Team Moregeous would have managed it 😉


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