Project Pizza gets some new extra high skirting to match the originals

The new skirting to match the original moulding

Unusually for a rental apartment refurbished in the 70’s, Project Pizza has retained a handful of original features, namely the extravagant ceiling rose in the living room, the elaborate coving (see below) and finally the only remaining extra height original skirting boards in the building, which I really wanted to keep. It had been ripped out in the bedroom and hallway but I though there would be enough for the living room…. wrong!! By the time we’d taken off the old plaster and put new thermal board on the walls, then jigged about with the fireplace, we were short by about 4 metres, dagnamit, and it certainly wasn’t the type of skirt you could pick up in B&Q or even a specialist timber merchants.

Nothing else for it, we had to get some made, see above, and what a sterling job they’ve done. Marcin whizzed a piece over to the joinery firm and two days later we had the missing links! Granted £96 was a lot to pay for 4m of skirt, but it is kinda special and adds a period feel to a lovely apartment.

A mixture of the old and the newly made skirting

Very glad I decided to keep it, even though all the dark brown crap on it has had to be heat torched off as it makes the undercoat go manky. Nothing’s ever easy is it…..

Burning the paint off the old skirting
Electrician demonstrating where tenant's suitcases will go

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