Project J gets halfway to a new metro monochrome bathroom

Moregeous Design Project J 'Before' Image

There actually wasn’t an awful lot ‘wrong’ with Project J’s bathroom before we started work last week, other than that the wrong paint had been used straight on top of bare plaster / board and had started to peel off in the humidity, plus the radiator needed updating. However, the clients hated their bathroom and wanted a whole new look which was more their style. Ever obliging, the Moregeous team got cracking last week on the space and the kitchen downstairs in this Didsbury terrace and soon the house was unrecognisable. I love this stage of works, the muckiness of it all, but it’s often quite frightening for clients to see their home looking like this, for some a stiff gin is needed both before and after any visit. Luckily Mrs J has a strong constitution and was up for site meets where it’s always easier to make decisions.

Stripping back a room exposes a multitude of sins and I don’t know how many times this poor room had been patched up, re-patched and partly skimmed. Not to mention the floor which sloped at an alarming  angle and blackened timber behind the shower wall tiles. Time to start again with a proper job methinks! Full re-skim, re-wire, re-plumb and re-level required.

One week later it’s all being put back together and the white metro tiles are on to 1100mm high but not grouted. The black and white period style floor tiles are on site along with all the sanitary ware, taps and shower and it’s full steam ahead. Or not, as I’ve ordered a spanking new extractor fan 😉

Added to the mix a visit to Coach House for furniture for Project Pizza, lighting shopping and specifying for Project Tofu which starts tomorrow over in Chorlton and I am BUSHED! Sofa please, and wine would be nice…..

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  1. Hi Sian, I really love reading your posts as they’re so inspirational and very down to earth. I’m starting my first project (finally!) and it’s very exciting though time consuming and stressful, as you well know! I’ve made a link to your blog on my latest post and will be trying to keep it updated, though I am a bit of a blog novice, and definitely a property novice. But will keep in touch. Lisa

  2. I think I’d need more than a gin if I saw the bathroom looking like that! Think of all the mold they breathed in while spending time in there 😦

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