A spot of property mentoring on BBC3’s How To Live With Women

I wrote this in Dec 2010 after doing a few days filming for BBC3 and Renegade on a show called How to Live With Women. I had my wrists slapped as it was all very hush hush but I think that as the first two episodes have been shown now, with ours happening tonight, I can safely re-post this. Bit nervous as I haven’t seen it but it’s too late for nerves now!…………….

Quite an unusual start to this cold December week, courtesy of Claire at Find A TV Expert. Back in October I was contacted by Renegade Pictures who’d been commissioned to make a new show for BBBC3 scheduled for broadcast in 2011. I did a screen test and was accepted for a role as one of three female mentors who are supposed to show an apparently useless young man the error of his ways. They didn’t tell us much but what little they did say about his attitude to life, work and women was enough to set our teeth gnashing 🙂

Over the past couple of days living with us the little charmer’s been mucky on site, learned what a bucket of soapy water / scourers are for and generally been told that flattery and charm definitely won’t get him everywhere. I’m saying no more, sworn to secrecy, but am looking forward to seeing him in action with me and the two other female mentors on the show next year. Here’s a few taster pics of our Trainee Moregeous Boy in action:

Hey, you're not just leaving me here with him are you?!
Poor Trainee Moregeous gets stuck in on his tod at Project Rev
Tasked with cleaning down all the woodwork of PVA, plaster, emulsion and general crap - I am very strict about this pre-undercoat job!
You'd purse your lips if Christian rested his big fluffy thing on your head 😀
Team Renegade
Our trainee gets a proper grilling from Mr and Mini Moregeous.
Trying to look serious and mentorish
Is it me or does he look relieved to be leaving? I think Team Moregeous tired him out!

2 thoughts on “A spot of property mentoring on BBC3’s How To Live With Women

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  1. I just watched the show on BBC3…. Brilliant!! I’m a mother and partner and now starting my own business … Have so many hats to wear!! Any advice? Thanks emma

    1. Thanks Emma, yes, I know all about wearing lots of hats too, knackering but very fulfilling! Advice? Always stick to your guns and follow your instinct 🙂

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