Project J’s bath is fitted and the retro vibe kitchen arrives

Loving the look of Project J’s bathroom so far, the white metro tiles are on the wall (mostly!), the monochrome mosaic floor tiles are down and the double ended bath has been fitted, it already feels a million miles from the bathroom it was just a short time ago. We started painting the newly plastered walls in the house today with special plaster paint, it never ceases to amaze me what difference a lick of paint makes, all of a sudden empty spaces start to feel like rooms again. It’ll be nice when we get the taps on as filling up buckets of cold water using a temporary connection and a screwdriver over a mucky loo is not very glamorous!

The bedrooms have both been re-skimmed and were cleaned down today ready for painting, but not content with all that, the guys started to build up and fit the new kitchen downstairs. The before images have been posted here if you want to see the original kitchen.

Saturday 12th....

Blocking up the door into the kitchen from the hallway divided opinion but now it’s done and the kitchen is partially laid out, the room feels so much bigger and user friendly than before. After 3hrs in Ikea Ashton yesterday, thanks as usual go to Sally for great customer service with a smile 🙂 I think I could plan an Ikea kitchen in my sleep now, it should be an Olympic sport, I’d get Gold. Even the DHL lads said yesterday – Another kitchen?!


Project J’s kitchen will be Ikea Stat fronted……

FAKTUM Base cab f sink/waste sorting off-white Width: 59.8 cm Depth: 60.0 cm Height: 86.0 cm Frame, height: 70.0 cm

With a couple of Lidingo’s….

FAKTUM Wall cabinet with 2 glass doors off-white Width: 59.8 cm Depth: 37.0 cm Height: 70.0 cm

A touch of walnut…..

PRÄGEL Worktop  Length: 126 cm Depth: 62 cm Thickness: 3.8 cm

A fab double Domsjo….

DOMSJÖ Sink bowl white Width: 82.4 cm Depth: 64.1 cm

and a bit of a retro vibe going on on the appliance front!

DÅTID OV8 Forced air oven off-white Width: 59.5 cm Depth: 56.4 cm Height: 59.5 cm

All starts getting fun at this stage, watch this space 🙂


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  1. Your kitchen layout is very similar to my new build and it looks like we will be using the same Ikea units. Any further pictures of your progress would be really helpful.



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