Project Payne – finally photographed! Bathroom first…

Back in August 2010 I wrote a post about Project Payne, a one bed rental apartment we’d just started renovating in a back to brick refurb:

At the same time we were also under pressure to redesign and complete Green Tea restaurant in record time, so there wasn’t a minute to photograph Payne before the tenant arrived. Her comment when she moved in was “I feel like a princess” so as you can imagine I was gutted not to have any blogged evidence of our royal interior!

Melanie reluctantly moved out this weekend to share with her moving-to-Manchester sister, leaving behind a lovely bunch of flowers with some chocolates for us – very nice. Now was my chance and on Thursday I hoisted over some dressing items & bedding and snapped away for a couple of hours, meaning the letting agents are satisfied as they now have images to list, and I’m happy as I now have images to post 🙂

This was the bedroom with it’s en-suite shower room before works, minging huh? It took up way too much of the bedroom plus was the wrong shape. I wanted the bed over to the opposite side of the room – where the pink item is bottom left corner. In order to do this, the stud walls had to come down and the shape of the en-suite altered. Don’t do things by halves here, you know.

This was what the inside of the shower room looked like. What was it with the old landlord and those pastel plastic shower screens – bleughhhhh

So it all came down and out, with new stud walls going up in a slightly altered way. Basically the loo and the basin swapped places, meaning I could reduce the size of the room , giving a better layout to the bedroom. See quick sketch I just did for you – very rough!

And we ended up with this cute little space:

Note To Self – MUST tile behind basin!!!

I’ll give you a teaser of what’s in the bedroom…..

Stockists for bathroom:

Loo and shower cubicle – TC  Bathrooms

Under basin cabinet – B&Q

Basin found in my cellar, heaven only knows where it came from!

Mirror and white shelves – Ikea

Oak loo roll holder – Habitat

Tiles – ceramic limestone look but discontinued, can get similar from Topps

Shower wall tiles – B&Q

Walls – Dulux Vanilla White

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