Flooring chosen for Project J – Rubber it is :)

The Rubber Flooring Company smooth tile in Steel

The clients have been considering options for the flooring in the kitchen / dining area for a few weeks and now a final decision has been made, not stone or ceramic or vinyl, but rubber! Supplied by Sam from local firm The Rubber Flooring Company.

The colour chosen is the pale blue above which you’d imagine is entirely because it softly compliments our cream doors and walnut worktop scheme, well, that and the fact that the clients are huge City fans, much to Mr M’s disgust 😉

Other options were considered, this gorgeous spotted blue vinyl tile by Harvey Maria, but this was vetoed by Mr Project J, who hates spots!

Harvey Maria Cath Kidston Spot Blue floor tile

Pink to make the boys wink, by the same company, liked more by the females on site than the males, funny that…..

Harvey Maria in Raspberry-Pink

And a sunshine bright yellow in the Rubber Flooring range….

UR13 marigold tile
Rubber Flooring Company Marigold Yellow floor tile

But in the end, love of football and a desire for a more classic look with a twist won the day. The ‘Steel’ tile which is more of a duck egg blue than a grey, is winging it’s way to us as I type, can’t wait!

Meanwhile the boys are beavering away in the bathroom upstairs at J, with a few gripes today ’cause they’ve to router out loads of 18mm ply to fit the taps. Over at Project Pizza I’m waiting for scotia to arrive to finish off the floor, at Tofu we are tiling and skimming, and at Warwick the concrete slab floor is going into the cellar this week so we can finally get cracking with the shower room.

That along with new jobs coming in, paperwork to do, Crete to sort and bills to pay… no wonder I need Red Bull!

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