More mafia madness and unsuitable rental candidates

Further to last week’s craziness with Ms X, I learned from the agency who advertised the apartment that she still hadn’t picked up the holding fee and in fact had been even more bonkers with them, constantly ringing to speak to various staff and even the owner of the agency, all of whom had politely told her that this was her own doing but she was having none of it. Oh dear. I hate any upset with tenants.

I sent a text as I thought it best not to ring and get involved in yet another super charged conversation, but knew she did not have transport as she had taken a taxi to meet me previously:

Please would you let me know why your holding fee has not been picked up from the letting agent? I don’t wish to leave cash with them over the weekend so can drop it off at X (her place of work) today if required?

I though I was being helpful. I received this back:

You are requested to stop being invasive on my personal and professional and life (sic).

You are not invited to go to any institute or private residence to deliver cash. You are requested to be respectful of what you are asked. Any step disregarding my request will be considered harassment.

Riiiiiiiight then. I just left her fee sitting in its envelope with the letting agent and let them know that unfortunately they would have to deal with the madness. I tried!

Over the weekend I’d a couple more viewings. The first guy was in his 40’s, seemed nice if a little intense and asked me if it was ok if his mum paid the rent. I enquired why. He said he’d had ‘some issues with banking’ in the past.

Second viewing was a young lady, loved the carpeted top floor studio flat, then asked me if I allowed pets. Depends what, I asked, thinking maybe she had a goldfish. I gave up and decided to have a bank holiday weekend off at the point she replied three guinea pigs and a snake.

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