Channel 4 love the Moregeous Blog *swoon*

Although I found out about this last week, a little part of me figured it must be a mistake so I’ve kept popping back to see if the page changes daily… but it hasn’t!! Channel 4 really have named Moregeous as one of their favourite interior design blogs, saying:

Sian has her fingers in many housey pies. One minute she’s restoring Victoriana, the next she’s swanning around Grand Designs Live. The Moregeous blog (moregeous meaning “more gorgeous”, of course) is definitely Sian’s personal blog, though, and so we get to see how her eye for design has an effect on her own house, local community events and plenty more.

We are in illustrious company, accompanying blogs I regularly salivate over….

Dezeen architecture and design magazine

A truly international and super slick blog featuring architecture, design and interiors:

IKEA Hackers

Ikea Hackers, a site dedicated to personalised, upcycled, repurposed Ikea furniture, which rather co-incidentally features a Moregeous Ikea hack here:

The hugely successful US blog Design Sponge set up in 2004 by Grace Bonney which incorporates design, lifestyle, city guides *dreams of growing up and being just like DS*

This beautifully written Home Shopping Spy blog full of finds, news and style advice from Ideal Home magazine’s Ellie Tennant (read her blog on BHS’s latest ‘designs’ with interest, naughty naughty)

Patchwork Harmony- Home Accesories

A blog filled with an endless array of eclectic gorgeousness, Caroline Taylor weaves vintage magic with contemporary style giving an interior insiders hints and tips on what to buy and where to buy it –

How chuffed am I? Even more so as it’s all written very much part time whilst juggling tenants, interior design clients and building sites, no team of guest writers here, although I’m thinking that might be a very good idea for my sanity!

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  1. On the front of Channel 4’s design homepage? And so it should be! Your last post on the tenant issues was eye opening x

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