The most gorgeous letter box I’ve ever seen – and it’s mine!

You know those things you don’t ever see, even when they’re right under your nose? I’ve been in and out of one of my rentals countless times, through it’s huge black and white door and never, ever noticed the letterbox, which was painted black. Decades of thick gloopy gloss slapped on over and over again until it’s gorgeousness was pretty much obscure…. until now! Isn’t it just the cutest piece of door furniture you’ve even seen, even though it is tiny and made way before A4 became the norm, designed for handwritten missives in dainty scented envelopes only. It’s utterly impractical for the flats so I’ve, ahem, *rescued* it to properly clean it up and find it the perfect home… i.e. yup, you guessed it, my home 😉

What a find!

One of Team M has been diligently heat stripping then sanding the door and surrounding frame this week and I’m blown away by how beautiful it is, far more intricate and detailed than the ones we did a fortnight ago. Look at this frame above the door, knocks the pathetic upvc new millenium attempts into a cocked hat doesn’t it? Just got to order the new glass now and we’re nearly there.

The new doors knobs have finally arrived, suitably grand for such labour of love entrances:

And on top of that, we managed to squeeze in some tidying and pruning of the new herb garden, a chat with another tv production company about a property idea they are pitching to C4 and replace an already failed light (transformer caput after just three years use!) with a new chandelier. We were on FIRE today!

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