Moregeous Blog Diary: Grand Designs Live – a practical perspective 2011

Grand Designs the Live Show captured the practical and innovative edge of its TV namesake, with stands packed full of information for the self-builder or renovator, whilst for me also had quite a glamorous feel which sets it apart from other building trade events.

There were a few stands which showed items designed to make life that bit easier and also some which exhibited new twists on existing products, let me tell you, in a show packed full of fabulous things, it was hard to picked out just a few!

These designed and made in Britain radiator covers were an unusual variation on the standard ones available, coming in a range of wood finishes but also ready to paint. Easy to hang and very reasonably priced:

Radiator covers by Jason Muteham

I thought this idea was a clever one, for when a new staircase isn’t an option but a timber look is specified. The new treads are simply fitted over the old ones, plus it’s designed for the competent DIY’er. Find it at Stair Make-Over.

Innovative stair covers

I’ve used this product in lots of bathrooms but noticed they’ve brought out some new finishes to the covers. A super stylish alternative to your average bathroom ventilation fan, it slowly opens then closes and it really quite cool! Find it at, or local merchants / suppliers.

The Air-Flow Icon Fan – used these lots!

It’s not easy at first glance to see what this is exactly but believe me when I tell you they’re Very Smart. Glazed doors usually fold or swing back taking up valuable space but these actually slide from the front around the corner to the side, leaving a fully open front or side area and corner. Thinking these may be just the things for my new build, hmmmm…… more bespoke glazing here at

SunParadise Glazing corner doors

I’m a dolt, I forgot to pick up a brochure from the stand on which these amazing grills for shower wastes were displayed! No idea what it was called but suffice to say I think we may be seeing more unusual grills like these available more widely in the next few years. Ace for wet rooms where a more contemporary feel is required.

Also loving these doors. There’s a trend towards 3D at the moment, we were talking about it on our Topps Tiles twitter Q&A last week, lots of new tiles in slate and natural stone are designed with this effect, but it was the first time I’d see a full sized door with a relief pattern in the timber. Gorgeous…. Moregeous in fact!

And, thinking of making Mr M’s life that little bit easier, I decided that when we get our wood-burning stove, we’ll also but one of these huge wood stores. That way he’ll be able to do lots at once and won’t have to keep heading outside with his chopper on those cold winter nights 😉

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