Fab giant plant labels arrive, but I *have* to faff :)

So my much searched for plant labels arrived from Burgon & Ball the other day and it was just never going to be as easy as a stick of wood and a black marker was it?!  They looked great, but just not very personal and though I kept telling myself they were for the tenants communal garden and not Chelsea Flower Show, I wouldn’t listen 🙂

Had a bit of a play around with a pencil…… but soon decided they looked a bit washed out!

Nothing else for it, out came the same stain that we’d used to stain the front doors, to be blogged soon – they are AMAZING! – and I first stained them, then gave them two coats of protective varnish. Mr M just shook his head a lot in that You Are A Mental Landlady way he has.


I think they’re FAB, love ’em to death, the perfect choice!


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