Marks out of 15 from the This Morning crew for our Builder’s Bums

So there we were, waiting in the wings with buttocks clenched and jeans freshly pressed, ready to have our bums inspected, judged and marked by the This Morning team. Mr M had the camera and instructions to get some good snaps which bless him, he did! We’d already done the mocked-up tests on the roof and Russ, Billy, Gary and I had to mark the jeans we were wearing – mine a £16 Primark special – for comfort. Samanthi then had to mark them for sexiness, clearly a very important factor in builder’s jeans and finally it was the Builder’s Bum test. Yes, this is what my career has come to, property has crashed and so did my dignity 😉

Phillip reached for his bum-cam and it was game on, touch your toes and hope for the best!

The boys went first and it was all very funny, with peals of laughter and plenty of craic, arf arf. My turn, I bent down to pick up a paint brush from the box, knowing Phillip Schofield was pointing a bum-cam at my nether regions. Dear god.

Oh no, no, no, instructed cheeky monkey Mr Schofield, that was too quick, you’ll have to do it again. You are having a laugh!!! Yes, Samanthi and Jenni, I’m glad *you* found it funny, Phillip nearly had that paint brush up his nose 🙂

I wouldn’t mind but on second try it was more of a have-you-got-a-good-shot-yet-bend which showed way more cleavage at the front than the back – I’ve had to censor the picture!!!

The one saving grace was that dance and style expert Jason Gardiner commented that I had the perfect Legally Blonde Bend and Snap, without even breaking anyone’s nose!

Bless Jason and Samanthi both giving my Primarni’s a 5/5 to give the Moregeous bum This Morning Victory!
Phillip and I had words after the filming…. especially when he realised *finger pointing* I was the naughty Tweeter who’d posted a pic of him adjusting his bits

But we made up pretty quickly and it was smiles all round 😉

If you missed it and want to see our bums in action, click here!

Personally, I think all of us builders should just thank our lucky stars that we didn’t have Kevin’s bum in the line up on This Morning, ’cause let’s face it, none of us would have stood a chance against this magnificent specimen….

Fab, fab day, full of fun, silliness, light-hearted banter and great people on and off screen. Thanks for a great day This Morning, London PR and Local Traders x

2 thoughts on “Marks out of 15 from the This Morning crew for our Builder’s Bums

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  1. Now wouldn’t it have been AWFUL if you hadn’t won?! You are without doubt a very worthy winner. Hilarious and lots of fun. Something to add to your CV perhaps: “Bend and snap champion.” Love it! 🙂

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