YHMP Design Details: St Albans

It’d be fair to say that architect Laura Clark nailed the brief for the redesign of Helen & Rob's Victorian terrace on the opening ep for our second batch of Your Home Made Perfect. If social media is anything to go by, the crittall-look love is real. Seeing these kind of inspirational projects gives homeowners... Continue Reading →

HBH Birmingham: Decorating a bedroom using French navy, rich verdigris & copper highlights

So, those interiors designers amongst you, how would you like the responsibility of transforming a newly married couple's bare plaster, barely floor-boarded space into a dream master bedroom with this as a guideline..... Elegant master/hotel style/romantic grey/relaxed neutral/ glamorous silver (but not patterned wallpaper throughout) /chick mellow yellow (unsure to love or hate)/English country house .....yet... Continue Reading →

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