Textured glam wallpapers or half-painted skirtings – a landlord’s dilemna

It’s taken a while but I finally realised this week exactly why I spend a little more time, effort and pennies that your average landlord on my rentals – I’m living vicariously through them as my own house is such a wreck! Each time I pick a delicious wallcovering or crystal chandelier I suspend my reality of plaster falling off walls and bare bulbs, kidding myself I’m the one who’s going to live with all these delights, they’re for me Me ME 🙂

It’s not the same with many other landlords, my tenants tell me. Tales of damp bathrooms left to rot, furniture falling apart and decorating disasters like this one a friend emailed over the other week. It’s an image of their apartment when they first rented it (and subsequently re-painted). Look carefully near the bed and you’ll see where the skirting had been painted red then white, but the landlord didn’t bother to move the bed out, simply painted round it!! Absolute classic.

So…..which type of landlord or landlady are you?!

With that red skirting in mind, I’ll carry on lusting over the wallpaper book which landed on my doormat this week and ticked all my style boxes: textured, organic, glamorous, sexy, tactile, natural, I died and went to decorating heaven for a few moments. It’ll be a lucky tenant who gets one of these beauties on their living room wall!

Brian Yates Omexco Orion range www.brian-yates.co.uk

6 thoughts on “Textured glam wallpapers or half-painted skirtings – a landlord’s dilemna

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  1. Hi Sian,

    Just wanted to say great site, great work and I’m sure there are many tenants out there who wished you looked after their properties! I’m wondering if there is any carpet under that bed as well.

    Shame on me for not knowing about your site/work before. Will certainly be checking back,



  2. I have seen many examples of the scary, selective paintwork in rented properties I have worked in, but to me the answer is simple; if you present a property in great (or Moregeous) condition, chances are you will get a tenant who will love and cherish it.
    Most tenants don’t want to live in a ‘rental property’, they want to live in a nice house they can call home. Sian has got it so right, and I wish more people would follow her lead.

    Thanks for a great site Sian


    1. Totally agree about tenants who want to ‘call it home’, the nicer the apartment, the better they look after it, I’ve found.
      Definitely the case that the better the decor, the better the tenant!
      Thanks for your comments

  3. Oooooh, very interesting topic.
    Hubby and I are in the process of buying our first buy-to-let property – and the reson we’ve chosen the property we have is because it’s decorated in exactly the way we’d love our own house to be!
    Solid oak floors, beautiful feature wallpapers, a bathroom fit for a boutique hotel…it’s got the lot!

    I know the business line is buy with your head, not your heart but I just can’t do it – if I wouldn’t want to live there, why should anyone else??

    Loving your work, Sian!


    1. Making a tenanted property beautiful whilst being mindful of budgets will ensure your tenants love it and hopefully that will also mean no void periods, so it’s sound business sense too!
      Good luck with your venture and post me a link if you blog it x

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